How to Harvest Fiddleheads Sustainably

Fiddleheads, the unfurled fronds of the Ostrich Fern, are a seasonal delight that many people enjoy foraging in the springtime. While it is easy to collect fiddleheads in abundance when you visit a large patch, it is important to always forage with sustainability in mind.

To learn more about how to harvest fiddleheads sustainably, take a look at our Sustainable Harvest of Fiddleheads guide below!

What the Guide Includes

This informative guide on how to harvest fiddleheads sustainably includes:

  • A background on fiddleheads (including their nutritional benefits)
  • The ecological functions of fiddleheads/the Ostrich Fern
  • How to sustainably harvest the unfurled fronds (fiddleheads)
  • Fiddlehead cooking instructions
  • Tips for freezing fiddleheads

Click the image below to view or download our free guide!

Fiddleheads on the cover of a publication

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