Seed Saving

Seed Saving

Seeds are magical, compact initiators of life.  We feel seed saving is a natural part of any full circle garden and it is an important skill to cultivate in our community.  In our school, gardens, workshops on-site and out in the larger community, we are happy to share this seed passion.  Here are some of the current seed saving related initiatives we are a part of:

Community Seed Libraries

What is a Community Seed Library? It is a way for you to “borrow” seeds with your New Brunswick Library card to grow in your own garden and then let the plants “go-to-seed”, and return seeds to the library to share with other community members.  The Knowlesville Art & Nature Centre has started and actively helps seed libraries in the local area.  For 2021 there will be three active seed libraries where you can participate, see details below:

  • The  L.P.Fisher Seed Library in Woodstock is restocked for the 2021 gardening season and open for borrowing seeds as of our Seedy Saturday Launch. If you are an avid seed saver and have seeds to donate, the library staff are now accepting seed donations to help stock the library for another growing season.
  • The Hartland Community Seed Library is accepting seed donations and has seeds available for borrowing.
  • The South Knowlesville Community Seed Library opened officially in March 2017 at the Art & Nature School and is maintained on an ongoing basis.  We invite those people who have gardens in the area to come and sign out seeds.   Call ahead 375-6400.

Community Seed Gardens

In partnership with the South Knowlesville Community Land Trust initiative, we are helping to grow more short season varieties in our trials garden and our seed production garden.  The Knowlesville Art & Nature School also has a garden plot in the South Knowlesville Community Garden and the children and teachers often come home with pockets of seeds to add to dry and clean before add them to our seed box.

Rutabaga Trial 2021 in the Seed Garden on South Knowlesville Road

Learning Activities

Workshops are given throughout the year on seed saving practices.  We are also developing some specific children activities that tie in seed saving and gardening.  Currently we have the following Art & Nature Activity Units that you are welcome to download and use for free.  The more people can plant and save seeds the better!

Bean’s are a great introduction to seed saving! Below is a video presentation to help you begin your journey to saving bean seeds.

Do not miss this experience!

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