Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship

Take part and learn more about the sustainable actions and land stewardship programs that the KAN Centre is involved in.

The Community Forest Restoration Nurseries is an initiative dedicated to scaling up forest restoration practices and increasing native tree and shrub populations in Western New Brunswick.

Come visit our seed library or community seed garden, learn the importance of saving seeds and begin saving your own!

The KAN Centre is engaging in community lead initiatives to observe and inform people on the health and quality of the water around us. We monitor nearby rivers, ponds and lakes through the Water Rangers program, track rainfall through rainfall and precipitation with the help of CoCoraHS, and have taken part in a rain barrel fundraiser with!

Bee Friendly!
Join fellow New Brunswicker’s in an effort to create a pollinator friendly corridor. Take the pledge to protect native pollinators from bees to butterflies to birds!

Do not miss this experience!

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