The Knowlesville

ART & Nature Centre

Creating a Rural Space for Community, Education & Land Stewardship

in New Brunswick, Canada

Summer Camps

Art & Nature Immersive Summer Camps

Outdoors, small groups and hands-on!

Where children are learning on the land, from the land. We offer both day camps and overnight camps for various age groups. Rain or shine we are out in it; playing, learning and making friends with ourselves, each other and the amazing living world all around us!

2024 Summer camps now open for registration. Learn more about our camp offerings here.

Things We do

Exploring the arts and nature
Team-building activities
Games, songs, stories and crafts
Wilderness and Bushcraft skill-building

Things WE do

Forest Kindergarten
Elementary & Middle School
Nuthatch Nursery
After-school Care
Enrichment Programs
Nature Connection
Garden Activities

Art and Nature School.

We welcome you to discover a unique learning opportunity for children located in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada.

At the Art & Nature School we offer opportunities for children to explore and learn in ways that engage their whole being and cultivates independent thinking and creative problem-solving.  We use a combination of Waldorf and Enki Inspired Curriculum that nurtures the head, heart and hands of the children.


Forest Restoration Nurseries

The Community Forest Restoration Nurseries is an initiative dedicated to scaling up forest restoration practices and increasing native tree and shrub populations in Western New Brunswick. 

We aim to see more people being engaged in understanding and appreciating the traditional Acadian Forest Ecosystem alongside efforts to protect and restore degraded ecosystems. We want to encourage residents and newcomers to this region to have a collective goal of tending nurseries and starting their own backyard nurseries where possible!

Things We do

Community Nursery Creation
Restoration Projects
Public Activities & Events
Providing Education Literature

KAN Centre activities

What we offer

Land Stewardship

Bee Friendly – Water Stewardship – Seed Gardens – Nurseries & Seed Gardens

Festival & Events

Country Fair – Pancake Breakfasts – Kite Festival – Lantern Walk

re-wilding Ourselves

Deepen your connection with the land through the Forest School Practitioners Course

Enki Nature School

Once Upon A Time…

We are committed to a holistic, nature-connected environment to nurture through heart connection, the inherent vitality and wisdom of our shared human journey.

Meet our educators

Tegan Wong-daugherty

Director & Pedagogical Lead

Agnes Took

Middle School Teacher

Sparrow Houghton

Senior Elementary Teacher

Sierra Mangum

Early Elementary Teacher

Melissa Caissie

Forest Preschool – Kindergarten Teacher

Jenna Everett

2023 Summer Camp Program Coordinator

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KAN Centre News and Articles!

Chanterelle mushrooms

How to Harvest Chanterelle Mushrooms Sustainably

Learn more about how to sustainably harvest the Chanterelle mushroom using our free guide!
White pine needles

Protected: Eastern White Pine – The largest conifer in our region

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

2023 Tomatomania Plant Sale!

Spring is here and summer is on it’s way! Come out and support our year end school fundraiser with the annual Tomatomania Seedling Sale on May 27th!

Do not miss this experience!

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