Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Tegan Wong-Daugherty – Managing Director of the KAN Centre

Tegan is a mother of four children.  She helped found the centre in 2008 along with other mothers & grandparents who shared a vision for a rural community learning hub.  Tegan has a Bachelors of Environmental Science from the University of Guelph, an Early Childhood Educator certificate from the North American Montessori Centre and has completed her 4 year part-time professional teaching course with Enki Education.  In addition to a deep commitment to children, Tegan has a love for the land, the trees and for growing things.  She is also a song-writer, organic farm inspector, certified early childhood educator, project manager, gardener and seed-saver.  Tegan’s desire is to contribute to a society that honours gentleness, families, and working with the land and all beings.

Agnes Took

Agnes is a mother of two, and lives locally with her Hungarian family. Immigrating to Canada in 2010 from Romania, they lived in Montreal until joining the South Knowlesville community to settle and build their home in 2018. Agnes brings 15 years’ experience as a teacher working with small children.

Nicole Thibodeau

Nicole was raised in the area. She completed her undergraduate studies at St. Thomas University. Holding various positions in sales, tourism and business management Nicole has had the opportunity to live and work from coast to coast in Canada. A mother of two daughters, she and her partner live on a developing homestead where they work together raising their daughters, caring for their animals and owning a construction company. Nicole has been a part of the KAN community since 2015, and joined the Board of Directors in 2018.

Lillian Warne

Lillian is a Registered Massage Therapist and a retired nurse. She has experience as a Board member at the local, provincial and national levels with both the nursing and therapist associations. Over the years, Lil has volunteered in her community as a Girl Guide leader and with community and political organizations. Lil feels that people, especially children, have been removed from nature and their role in it, so schools like KAN are essential for exposing children to nature and nurturing their curiosity about the world around them. Seeing pictures of the children taking part in learning unique skills outdoors makes Lil optimistic for the future. She feels this is the way education should be for everyone.

Bobbi Gascoigne

Bobbi was born and raised here in New Brunswick.  She is the eldest of six children. Her family was poor so she learned very early the importance of being as self-sustaining as possible.  She is now married with two children, three grandchildren and four step-grandchildren (all grandchildren as far as she is concerned).  She and her husband grow a large garden and put away safely grown food for the winter.  She makes jams and jellies from wild fruit and pickles from their garden produce.  She bakes her own bread and all the family goodies. Bobbi has a deep love of children and shares her wealth of knowledge with any who want to partake.  She believes all children need the opportunity to learn of the bountiful knowledge nature can provide through hands on experiences with our eco-system.  This is what Bobbi loves about the KAN school and she applauds those who inspire children to learn while being able to have fun and get dirty doing it.  Bobbi considers it a privilege to be a part of the KAN organization.

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