Water Initiatives

Water Initiatives

The KAN Centre is engaging in community lead initiatives to observe and inform people on the health and quality of the water around us. Below are some of the actions we are taking.

Water Rangers

Since 2017, we have been monitoring the water at Hamilton Brook with the help of our Water Ranger’s testing kit. In 2018, the project grew to include the Dug pond (the KAN centre pond) and Jean Arnold’s pond.

Reports include everything from the quality of water, depth of water, weather, and kinds of animals that were observed at the location. You can view how the tests differ over time as well and watch for trends.

Our observations can be found at the KAN Water Rangers page.

Rain Barrels

This year the Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre has teamed up with Rain Barrel Fundraising for a sale to support the centre and provide rain barrels to the community. As the summers become hotter and drier, it is important for everyone to have tools to help prepare and be supported in any type of weather. The rain barrel fundraising not only helps support the KAN and its projects, but those who buy a barrel are ensuring a sustainable way to collect and conserve water that can be used for watering greenhouses, gardens or potted plants. In fact, plants often prefer rainwater since it’s all-natural soft water.

Did you know that thunderstorms storms can help plants? The rainwater and lightning allow nitrogen to be taken from the air and combine with the rainfall so that plants can absorb it through the soil.

We’ll be looking forward to having another successful fundraiser in the future ! Stay tuned.


Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network, also known as CoCoRaHS, is a volunteer lead, community based project with data collectors across North America.

Together they work to collect, measure and share precipitation data. This includes rain, hail and snow accumulation. Using a rain gauge provided by CoCoRaHS, precipitation is recorded and mapped almost daily all across New Brunswick, including here at the KAN center.

Here you can find a map from the CoCoRaHS website of the rainfall amounts documented today. You can also find – under map options – specific days, times, and places!

You can also find this map at https://maps.cocorahs.org/

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