Knowlesville Country Fair

Knowlesville Country Fair

The Annual Fall Fair

The Knowlesville Country Fair is a day-long fair packed full of vendors, games, competitions, food, workshops and more! Entry is by donation that goes towards supporting the community and school.

As the summer comes to a close and September comes around, keep an eye out for our 2023 date!

What to Expect…


We welcome and invite a variety of local artists, famers, skillsharers, and entertainers to participate in the fair and share their talents and creations. We host a wonderful lineup of musicians, from folk to country to gospel, to play throughout the day.

Finally, we end the night with a evening meal, band and country barn dance!


Throughout the day, multiple workshops and tours take place. This can range from learning how to making sough dough to experiencing a tour of the community.

Along side these scheduled events, demonstrations may be taking place across the fair grounds – from metalworking to fiber spinning.


Are you up for some friendly competition?

Whether it be bobbing for apples or cross-cut saw competition. There’s activities out there for all ages. Not to mention the pie competition.

Put your best pie forward and you just might win a prize!

Entrance Raffle

Entry to the Fair is by donation. Donations go towards making this event possible and supporting the school and community. When you donate, your names goes into our door-prize raffle draw that can include items from some of the various vendors, donated prizes and prizes from our sponsors!

This is drawn at the end of the day, and winners will be contacted in the following days to receive their prize.

Support and Sponsors

Our Fall Fair Committee is made up of volunteers who offer their ideas, time, assistance and enthusiasm in order to make this event the best it can be. The KAN Centre is grateful to all the hard work the fair committee and other volunteers put towards making this event possible.

We not only rely on volunteers, but the help of sponsors and prize donations towards our competitions and raffle draws. If you’re interested in volunteering or sponsoring the Knowlesville Country Fair, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at or by phone at (506) 375-6400.

Do not miss this experience!

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