Re-Wilding Ourselves

Re-Wilding Ourselves

Connecting to Nature

The KANC offers and hosts a variety of opportunities for adults to strength their connection to the natural world, themselves and others.
Here are a few that we recommend.

Forest School Practitioners Course

This is a year-long certificate course that consists of both in-person outdoor, experiential learning, as well as online self-directed learning. This course is learner-led, emergent, inquiry-driven, and playful! We explore those pedagogies, tell stories, and dive deeply into supporting risky play.

We practice “hard” skills such as firebuilding, knots, and tool work, and deepen our relationships with the Land, each other, and ourselves. And we share practical tips, recommendations, policies, and protocols for the day to day operations of a Forest/Nature School program.

This course is offered by Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Please visit their website for more information and to register!

The field course will be hosted at the KAN Centre on August 28th – September 1st 2023
Cost: $1,750

Community: Connection vs Collection

What makes any undertaking or relationship feel nourishing – the happy and sad alike? Connection. Whether to your chosen art or your puppy, whether looking into the twinkling eyes of an infant or the soft ones of someone slipping away, it is the connection that makes all the difference to our experience. In this class we explore the nature of our own experience of connection and on that base, look at how we can make connection the keel of all our work with the children, at home or in the classroom.

This course is offered by Enki Education Please visit their website for more information and to register!

Online via Zoom – June 4th – June 25th
3:30 pm – 6:00 pm ATLANTIC TIME
11:30 am – 2:00 pm PACIFIC TIME
Cost: $250 USD

Ecosystems of Education

So what is an Educational Ecosystem? Any Ecosystem has principles that cannot be ignored or violated without paying a high price. When worked with harmoniously, these create a self-sustaining and vital system that serves health and wellbeing for all. For plants, one could say that it is the interaction of sun, water, soil (type and life), and nutrients that make up the Ecosystem. All plants work with these elements – not all in the same way, but all must work with them.

We believe the same is true in an Educational Ecosystem, i.e., that there are certain principles that impact the children and the schooling, that cannot be ignored without straining the health of that system. No matter what system or educational methodology you use – including unschooling to the most structured – these principles are at play – the only question is how much we align ourselves to them.

In this course, we will explore the underlying principles, through the lens of the Enki Approach. This, in turn, allows us to look at how each participant’s UNIQUE educational vision can be best supported, or manifested, when these core principles are consciously worked with.

This program consists of 15 sessions and will run primarily on Sunday afternoon’s, beginning September 10th, 2023; dates and times are found below. The 2023 offering of this course will be taught by Enki Core Faculty members (and graduates of our four year Teacher Training Program) Perekin Hubner and Tegan Wong-Daugherty.

Class 1: 9/10
Class 2: 9/14

Classes 3 to 5:
9/17, 9/24, 10/1

No class October 8th (Canadian Thanksgiving).

Classes 6 to 11:
Every Sunday
10/15 to11/19

No Class: 11/26 (U.S.Thanksgiving).

Classes 12 and 13: 12/3 and 12/7
Classes 14 and 15 12/10 and 12/14

This course is offered by Enki Education Please visit their website for more information and to register!

Cost: $750 USD

11am – 2pm PACIFIC time
3pm-6pm ATLANTIC time
4pm PACIFIC (8pm ATLANTIC) for the two weekday classes.

It is important that everyone attend the first two and the last two classes in person; beyond that, we expect that each student may need to miss here and there; and recorded classes are available. However, this is a participatory class and we ask that you make up the missed class and accompanying work with that week, and that you not miss more than 3 classes.

Rewilding Ourselves!
Becoming Outdoor Humans

Trekking through the woods and sleeping under the stars.  Join Tegan Wong-Daugherty and Shannon Herbert as they lead us off the beaten track over Skiddaddle ridge and all the way to South Ridge – we will carry what we need, keeping our gear minimal to free ourselves to fully immerse ourselves into the wild.  While we will pack some basic foods, we will amplify with wild foraging.  We will build fires for cooking and community in the evenings and mornings.  There will be hiking and playing in the woods – as well as time for meditation, reflection and crafting.  This is a special retreat from our digital, media filled world – a chance to reground in the natural rhythms of the woods and streams.

July 31 – August 1
Starts Monday at 10am @ KANC & ends at 2pm Wednesday
Cost $100 

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