The KAN provides a holistic nature-connected environment for ourselves and our children. We started in 2008 with a Forest Kindergarten, which has evolved to including a homeschool collective for children up to grade 8. Inspired by Waldorf & ENKI pedagogies, we strive to nurture through heart connection the inherent vitality and wisdom of our shared human journey.

What we offer

Forest Preschool -Kindergarten

This is a unique program for kids ages 2.5-6 that focuses on the importance of play and interacting with the natural world!

Enki Art & Nature

Children from ages 6-14 can enroll in the Enki Elementary program, lead by experienced educators who have undergone training in foundations of Enki Education.

Wild Child

Wild Child gives children the opportunity to experience, learn and engage with the natural world through games, activities and stories.

Teen Enrichment

The teen enrichment program takes place once a mouth for teens ages 12 and up. Teens get the chance to build their hands-on skills.

Summer Camps

We offer a variety of day and overnight camps for children of all ages! Campers get the opportunity to learn bushcraft skills, play games, sing songs and do crafts!

Parent & Child

Do you want to know what a day at the school is like? Parents and guardians can now join us with their children to be a part of the Forest Kindergarten class for a morning!

School-wide Curriculum Goals

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At the Art & Nature School we offer opportunities for children to explore and learn in ways that engage their whole being and cultivates independent thinking and creative problem-solving. 

We use a combination of Waldorf and Enki Inspired Curriculum that nurtures the head, heart and hands of the children.

The Head
The Heart
The Hands

we love the arts…

It’s in our Nature

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