2023 Tomatomania Plant Sale!

2023 Tomatomania Plant Sale!

Spring is here and summer is on it’s way! It’s that time of year again, the flowers are blooming, the pollinators are out and we’re all eager to get the gardens in. This year, the Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre will be offering more then 20 varieties of tomato plants during our annual Tomatomania fundraiser!

Come out and support our year end school fundraiser with the Tomatomania Seedling Sale on May 27th at 11:00 am, this is following our Pancake Breakfast fundraiser from 8:00 am – 11:00 am. All Proceeds go towards supporting our school, and help make our school and summer programs possible. We have started lots of different varieties for you to purchase and grow in your garden this year, you can find the list of varieties and descriptions below.

After picking out your tomatoes, stick around for a tour of Hemphill Tree Nursery at noon for those who are interested in seeing what a tree nursery looks like. We are happy to answer any questions if you are looking to start one on your own property!

Tomato Varieties

Cherry Tomatoes

A sweet little treat! These varieties make great pot/patio plants. They are nice to snack on, in salads, dried or roasted.

Tiny Tim: This cherry tomato is an early dwarf tomato with ¾ inch red fruits and a sweet-tart flavour. The plant grows about 15 inches tall. 55 days.

Sweet Tumbler Cherry Tomato:  An extremely early and sweet red tomato. The compact size and horizontal growth of this plant makes them ideal for containers.

Sunshine yellow Cherry Tomato: This tomato has a golden-yellow fruit, small in size, produced in trusses on compact vines with a sweet and sunny flavor.

Black Cherry Tomato: One of the only round, black cherries available with dark purple color. These one-inch fruits are sensational with sweet, rich, full flavors. Very productive plants. 64 days.

Gardener’s Sweetheart: A small red cherry tomato. These plants produce tall vines that bear trusses of heart shaped red cherries. It has a sweet flavor with firm, meaty flesh.

Indigo Rose Cherry Tomato: A early heritage tomato with small purplish cherries that have a rich, sweet taste.


A small to mid-sized oblong tomato-type that are great for sauces and pastes!

Amish Paste Tomato: A reliable and abundant plant that produces big, plump, red plum tomatoes. Great eaten fresh with a sweet and rich flavor.

Principe Borghese:  A small plum tomato with small red fruit that is dense and meaty. Perfect for sun dried tomatoes.

Roma Paste Tomato: A mid-sized red plum tomato, good for sauces and pastes. Firm and meaty with a tangy-sweet taste.

Tomate ‘Kibit’s Ukrainian’: A small plum tomato with long, red fruit. Juicy with a nice, mild sweet flavor. It is a small plant that hangs heavy with fruit, great for containers. 65 Days.

Re Unberto Sauce Tomato: An Italian heirloom. This historic paste tomato is a culinary and cultural treasure from Italy, it was named in honor of King Umberto of Italy in 1878. Plump and stocky fruits have exceptionally high dry matter and are ideal for sauce and paste. Very productive plants. 75 Days.

Opalka Tomato: Originally from Poland, is is also known as a “sausage tomato”. It has a long, pepper-shaped fruit that is good for sauces and cooking. 85 days.

Beefsteak tomatoes

A large, hefty type of tomato. Juicy and good for slicing and eating fresh!

Wentzell Beefsteak Tomato: An old family heirloom from New Germany NS. This tomato
produces huge glorious pink-red fruit.

Pink Beefsteak: A solid and large beefsteak tomato with pinkish-red fruit. This meaty tomato has a mild taste and low acid content. 75 days.

Mennonite Orange: A large, richly flavored beefsteak tomato. The fruit is deep orange, with beautiful red marbling.

Crnkovik Yugoslavian: A large pinkish-red beefsteak tomato. Early and heavy yielding with a juicy complex-flavoured fruit.

Depp’s Pink Firefly Tomato: – Perhaps the most poetically named tomato, the huge pink beefsteak fruits have soft yellow speckles (fireflies) on the shoulders. Some fruits are smooth and many are very lumpy and segmented. All of them are delicious! 4’ vines.

Black Krim:  A mid-sized heirloom beefsteak tomato with very dark maroon fruit and a wonderfully rich flavor.  Originated in Crimea, a peninsula in the Black Sea with perfect “tomato summers”.  Source: KANC Saved seed from a few plants.

Cosmonaut Volkov Red Tomato: This large red tomato is originally from Ukrainian. The Cosmonaut Volkov Heirloom is sweet, tangy & delicious! The fruit is very fleshy and very juicy. With productive, 4 foot plants. 75 days.

Other Tomatoes

A hodgepodge of unique varieties, from mid-sized slicers to tomatilloes!

Red Tomato Quebec #13 (tomate rouge Quebec #13): A very early red tomato with a sweet floral taste, producing about 4 oz of tender fruit per tomato. Bred by Joseph O. Vandal in the 1950s.

Pollock: A mid-sized early tomato. The plant produces a hefty amount of deep-red, smooth round slicers with a rich flavour. Selection from Andy Pollock.

Plaza Latina Tomatillo: The beefsteak of tomatilloes. This tomato produces huge green fruit, they burst through their husks when ripe and have a sweet, tarty flavour.

Peche Vilmorin Andrieux: A mid-size, outstanding peach type tomato with blushed pink-red. This tomato has a juicy, fruity taste. It’s a French heirloom from the 1800s.

Pink Tomato (Tomate Rose)  Mac Pink: – This plant has a heavy yield of early medium-sized pink tomatoes with a sweet flavour. Bred at Macdonald College of McGill University in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC. Determinate.

Jaune Flamme (Annapolis Seeds): A mid-sized Tomato with a deep orange, smooth skin. Sweet, juicy and great in salads. A market garden favorite.

Moskvich Tomato: A mid-sized Slicer. This is a super hardy Russian variety that thrives through drought and cold. Great fresh or for sauce. Meaty and acidic with a pop of sweetness.

Jaune Flammee (Seeds for Food): An old French variety traced to the Helliner region of France, and only commercialized in 1997. Early crops of apricot-colored 4 ounce fruits, each the size a gold ball, borne on elongated trusses. Excellent fruity flavor with a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Great for drying or roasting, and retains deep orange color.

Black Prince: This tomato is originally from Irkutsk Russia. It is a farm favourite, Black Prince Heirloom Tomato plants produce delicious, rich, mahogany-brown coloured tomatoes with black shoulders. It has a dark red flesh and rich tomato flavor. 74 days.

Bonny Best: This is a early mid-sized red tomato. The plant grows vines with high yielding fruit. Meaty and acidic taste that’s great for slicing and sauces. Hang remaining tomato plants upside down from the rafters in the fall to continue the ripening process. 76 Days.

Cabot:  A Mid-sized red tomato. This plant produces a high yield of early tomatoes that have a juicy, tangy flavor.

Clear Pink: A mid-sized pink tomato. One of the heaviest yielding tomatoes with early ripening, compact plants. Large juicy slicers.

Sub artic plenty: A red, early tomato that produces up to 100g fruit per tomato. It’s Resistant to colder temperatures. This hardy tomato has a thicker skin and tarty flavor. 55 days.

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