Eating Rainbows

Eating Rainbows

We are what we eat… how many time have we heard that one?  As annoying as it is, there does seem to be some truth in it.  So what do we do with our picky eaters? And How do we ensure that our children are getting all they need from their food?  It seems that everywhere you look there is another new theory or fad diet telling us that we should be eating this way or that. I am a believer that things should not be complicated, but doable.  Anything that resonate as true and simple, are what I look for.

Many years ago, while I was learning about Aruvedic practices, I came across such a perception…. If you strive to eat the rainbow, you will get what you need.  Wow… simple and fun!!  I’m sure that we all need just a little bit more, but looking at your meals through a rainbow lens will encourage you to add more vegetables and vitamins to every dish.

If your child claims to dislike vegetables…. Try growing a garden and eating the colorful treats right off the plant!  Any child is sure to eat a fresh pulled carrot or sweet peas right off the vine.

Another simple way to incorporate healthy eating for your family is to slowly move away from packaged and processed foods.  Convenience foods have their place from time to time and it would be impossible to expect anyone to rid these from their lives completely, however, their place in the kitchen cupboards should be minimal.  If we look at our food as loosing a nutritional layer each time it goes through a stage of the manufacturing process, we may begin to wonder what goodness is left in many of our common foods.  Other than a very low nutritional rating, most packaged foods also contain a considerable list of chemical additives that are known to be harmful to the human body.   Buy fresh and local wherever possible and cook from scratch.

Next time you are planning a meal, think about rainbows coming fresh from a garden near you!


Fatima Rahhali, KAN parent volunteer.

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