Growing Heritage Tomato Seedlings for you to try in your own gardens…

To help raise funds to build a school greenhouse the students of the Art & Nature School are growing and selling heritage tomato seedlings that will be ready-to-plant by early May.

Seedlings cost $5 each and can be pre-ordered by phone 506-375-6400 or by email:

We have seeded out our first planting of tomato seeds, once we have numbers of each variety that we will be growing out, we will post the full listing here so you can specify what plants you would like to order. A sampling of what we’ve planted: Brandywine, Garden Peach, Mennonite Orange, Reisentraube and more. These are unique heritage varieties that will be super special to grow.
Our May Festival is set for Saturday, May 13th and will have all our tomato seedlings ready for you! You will also be able to enjoy a pancake breakfast and music performance by our students.
We also will be at the Woodstock Farm Market & Dooryard Greenhouse for the week before the festival May 6th-12th. Look for our chickadee sign below at these and other locations to support our project:

Funding goes to support The Solar Harvest House:
Student-led greenhouse design project

The Design Challenge:
This year the Husky Class (grades 3-6) at the Knowlesville Art & Nature School have taken up the challenge to make their school more fun, educational and ecological at all the same time.

Step 1 – Dream
The class initially had two ideas that they came up with, one was to have a shop to sell things from like extra vegetables from their school gardens and maybe yummy wood-fired bread, etc.  The other idea was to build a greenhouse on the side of their classroom.  In the end it was decided to work on a design for a greenhouse.

Step 2 & 3- Naming the Project & Goal Setting
They named their project the “Solar Harvest House” and have outlined impressive goals for the project:
1) To grow more vegetables and fruits for school snacks, lunches and potlucks;
2) To grow enough food to share with the families of the school;
3) To learn about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs by actually doing it (even when the outdoor garden season is done or not started yet);
4) To warm the classroom on sunny days when it is still cold out for free (no wood or electricity needed); and
5) To have a warm place to hang out at recess on cold sunny days.

Step 4 – Design
Since mid-January the students have been working on their greenhouse design with the help of Leland Wong-Daugherty, their carpentry mentor. This process has included drawing their individual greenhouse design concepts and presenting their design to the class; narrowing the design down to two concepts and making scaled 3D paper models; to finalizing a design with their mentor and choosing a viable location, entry-points and dimensions.

Next Steps
The final steps are to pitch the design to the KAN Centre board of directors and fundraise for the material costs of the project which are estimated to be about $1000.  Their teacher Jo-Anne has started a Go-Fund-Me campaign to help raise some of the funds and the students are running with their tomatomania campaign.  The goal is to have materials purchased and ready to build with the students by the end of May.

If you are able to make a donation, please contact Tegan at 375-6400 or email