Summer Camps & Programs 2022

Outdoors, Small Groups & Hands-On

Where children are learning on the land, from the land. We offer both day camps and overnight camps for various age groups. Rain or shine we are out in it; playing, learning and making friends with ourselves, each other and the amazing living world all around us!

2022 Summer Camps Registration for all camps:
Summer Camp Registration form (PDF)
Summer Camp Registration form (Word docx)

Registration can be sent to

2022 Camp Listings

Buttercup Camps
Ages 3 to 6
Tuesdays & Wednesdays – 9am to 3pm
      Session I: June 6-7; June 13-1
      Session II: July 19-20; Aug 2-3;
Cost: $60/wk or $100/session

This is an outdoor discovery camp for young children. We will learn songs, do crafts, play games, tend the garden, and explore the woods. Our forest trails and open fields are the perfect setting for our youngest campers to delight in the wonders of nature.

Junior Counsellor Training

Ages 13-17
June 24-25th overnight: 9am drop off & 2pm pick up on Saturday.
Cost: $50

Ready to hone your leadership skills and help create the magic of camp for younger kids? Sign up as a Junior Counsellor and let your gifts shine! Junior counsellors will receive leadership and skill training, and then may volunteer for various weeks of camp to both participate and help lead activities. Applicable for community service hours.

Field and Forest Camp

Ages 6 to 12
Monday to Thursday, June 27-39: 9am to 4pm
Cost: $125

Join us for our 14th season of our field & forest nature camp in Knowlesville! We will explore the woods, tend our gardens, learn survival skills, and play games. Rain or shine we will venture out into the forests and fields to engage our hands, hearts, and minds. Come play outside with friends!

Watershed Rangers
Ages 6 to 12
Jul 4-7: Mon.-Thurs. 9am to 4pm
Cost: $125

We will hike the divide between two watersheds & follow the streams downstream; visit a natural waterfall and play lots of woodsy games. We will also learn to use real tools to collect data on water quality, always learning by doing! Be prepared for wet feet, muddy camouflage and lots of adventure. All outdoors rain or shine.

NEW Duckling Camp

Ages 3-5
July 4-7: Mon.-Thurs. 9am to 4pm daily
Cost: $125
Located at Fairlight Farm

Duckling camp at Fairlight Farm introduces the youngest campers to our gentle livestock like the goats Lily and Gwen, Caroline the pony, and Mable the KuneKune pig. We will spend time around the farm with the animals, in the gardens, under the apple trees, playing games, singing songs and hearing stories. We will also venture into the forest to our close-by Bear Camp where ducklings can have a camp fire and play in the lean-to shelter.

NEW Soul’s Fire

Ages 9-12
Jul 11-12: 9am to 4pm & July 13-14 overnight
Cost: $180

This is a new offering that brings a unique team-building experience for boy-identifying campers. Harnessing our capacities to work together and support the growth of inner confidence to help us thrive, rather than just survive, in the wild. Shelter building, carving, fire craft & cooking, team challenge games and more. Build confidence and friendship as we build, craft, play, and laugh.

Luna’s Fire

Ages 9-12
Jul 11-12: 9am to 4pm & July 13-14 overnight
Cost: $180
Located at Fairlight Farm

This unique women-led camp is a chance for girl-identifying campers to build confidence and self-esteem as we explore survival skills, herbal medicine, journaling, primitive arts and cooking, song, and games.

NEW Farm Camp
Ages 6-12
July 18-21: 9am to 4pm daily
Cost: $125
Located at Fairlight Farm

Come participate in the farm life! Brush and care for animals like goats, pigs, a cow, and a pony, collect eggs, and tend the garden. Campers will get to jump in and learn skills for self-sufficiency on the homestead through fun hands-on projects. We will also play games in the fields and forests of Fairlight Farm, go on hikes, and have adventures!

Yoga, Art and Plant Magic

Ages 6-12
July 25-28: 9am to 4pm daily
Cost: $125

This unique camp brings the ancient gifts of yoga, plant medicine, and artistic expression all into one amazing week. Stretch into tree pose and flow into down dog, play balance games, and feel your inner peace. Make poultices, teas, and salves with the helpful plants who live all around us. Bring your sketchbook to the woods and enjoy the rich textures and colours of the Acadian forest. Nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Teen Overnight Camp
Ages 13-17
July 25-27: Drop off 9am Monday; Pick up 4pm Wednesday
Cost: $200
Located at Fairlight Farm

Our teens will take off on a grand adventure through the Golden Ridge Protected Natural Area that runs for hundreds of hectares behind Fairlight Farm. Teens will learn to pack what they need to survive in the backcountry, and learn skills to thrive in the wilderness. All experience levels are welcome; campers should be ready for a physical adventure and sleep under the stars.

Ancestral Skills Overnight Camp
Ages 8 to 13
Aug 9-11: Drop off 9am Tuesday; Pick up 4pm Thursday
Cost: $180

Come together with a community of friends and build your very own base camp at the edge of the woods. Watch the moon rise over the open meadow and sleep under the whispering spruce & fir, in self-made shelters. During the day we will play active woods games, learn to whittle, cook over the campfire and furnish our base camp with basic supplies for surviving two nights in the woods! Timed to catch the height of the Perseids Meteor Shower & the Light of the full moon!

Summer Programming Information

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required to secure your spot for any of the camps

Please send your 2022 Summer Camp Registration Form for each child to (note that only one summer camp registration is required for each child even if they are attending multiple camps)
A non-refundable pre-payment of $25 is required to secure a spot in each of the camps. A sibling discount of 20% is automatically applied to multiple children in the same family when attending camps during the same week. More information about payment and discount options can be found at the bottom of the registration form.
Downloadable Word Document: 2022 Summer Camp Registration Form(Word)

We have a variety of childcare options for children under the age of 6, from camps to daycare.
e have three sessions of buttercup camp for ages 3-6 and duckling camping for ages 3-6. We are now offering a new Nuthatch Daycare as well for children ages 1-4. You can find the registration below!

Registration (PDF): Summer Camps and Daycare

Registration (Word docx):  Summer Camps and Daycare

*note that we cannot offer discounts on Nuthatch Daycare at the moment

Cancellations for any of our camps must be made by telephone or email request.
If cancellations are made at least 2 weeks before the camp starts, a cheque will be issued for the full refund of camp fees minus the pre-payment of $25.  We cannot provide refunds via e-transfers.
Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice prior to camp start date are entitled to a 50% refund.
NOTE: If public health directives are reinstated that prevent us from holding any of our camps, you will receive a full refund.

Below you will find a general list of things to expect to pack for camp. As all of our camps are unique, once the date nears, we will send you a list specific to that camp.

Please send your child to camp in clothes that can stand up to adventures, mud, and water, and still be comfortable to wear. Natural, earthy colours are a bonus! Campers should wear shoes that are comfortable to walk and run in (not flip-flops). A long sleeve for warmth or bug protection is helpful. Please send rain-gear if the forecast calls for rain! We will be outside in all weather.

Day Camp:
√ Water bottle
√ Long-Sleeve shirt & Hat for Sunny Days
√ Good Shoes or sandals for hiking
√ Change of clothes & Outer Rain Gear
√ Healthy Snack
√ Healthy Lunch
√ Backpack your child can carry

What NOT to bring:
X Electronics
X A watch
X Cell phone (we have a phone for emergencies don’t worry)
X Toys from Home

Note on Technology at Camp: Summer at Knowlesville is time to unplug! Please leave all electronics at home so they stay safe and your camper can fully engage with our wonderful programming in nature. A camera is acceptable if the device has no other capabilities (no games or internet).

Overnight Camps:
√ Flashlight
√ Good outer gear for any time of weather (rain jacket, sweater, light layers, hat, boots, crocs or comfortable sandals)
√ Large water bottle (or two smaller ones)
√ Camp dishes (a non breakable bowl, spoon and fork)
√ Fixed blade for carving
√ Backpack
√ Toothbrush/toothpaste
√ Book to read/journal
√ Sleeping bag and pillow
√ Sleeping pad/mat/wool blanket
√ Small/medium size tarp, if you have one
√ Tent (the smaller/lighter the better- this will be carried along with gear. If children are part of the same family/friend bubble tents can be shared) *this is specifically for ancestral skills
√ Changes of clothes
√ Light Coloured Shirt or Coat for Night Hike
√ Warmer layers for the evening (including a hat)
√ Medication (if any) in original packaging with directions to be given to camp counselors upon arrival

This summer we have the unique opportunity to offer a broad range of camps, some of which will be taking place at KAN Centre while others will be located at Fairlight Farm.

To get to Fairlight farm you drive past the school and take a right onto South Knowlesville. Drive to the end of the road will widen out to a bus turnabout. There will be counsellors waiting at that spot for drop-off and pick-up. If they want, parents and guardians are welcome to park their vehicles and walk with their campers to the farm!

The following camps will be located at Fairlight Farm:

  • Duckling Camp
  • Luna's Fire
  • Farm Camp
  • Teen Overnight Camp