Forest Restoration Nurseries

Community Forest Restoration Nurseries

The Community Forest Restoration Nurseries is an initiative dedicated to scaling up forest restoration practices and increasing native tree and shrub populations in Western New Brunswick.

We aim to see more people being engaged in understanding and appreciating the traditional Acadian Forest Ecosystem alongside efforts to protect and restore degraded ecosystems. We want to encourage residents and newcomers to this region to have a collective goal of tending nurseries and starting their own backyard nurseries where possible!

This will provide Canadians with a prime example of community-scale forest restoration efforts for multiple benefits, from shoreline projection, flood mitigation and carbon sequestering. This is in addition to promoting being out in the natural world, walking in the forest, rejuvenating oneself with ‘forest bathing’, and appreciating all we have in Carleton County.

Who We Are:

Collecting Black Ash Seeds, in front of butternut cabin, Florenceville NB

The KAN Centre in partnership with The Tree Project ( is working with the Municipalities of Hartland through to Floranceville/Bristol to make this project possible. We have already begun establishing tree nurseries, restoration projects and activities in Knowlesville, and we will continue to extend this model to the Riverbank and the riparian zones of the watershed.

Contact Us:

Phone: (506) 375-6400
Or email us at
You can find us at the KAN Centre-
111 Simms Rd., South Knowlesville, NB, E7L 4P7