About KAN

About the Knowlesville Art & Nature Centre

We welcome you to discover a unique learning opportunity for all ages.

Knowlesville Art & Nature Centre is a not-for-profit rural learning centre based in South Knowlesville, Carleton County, New Brunswick.

The mission of the centre is to provide a space where the community can gather, learn, dream and explore creative projects that enrich the social fabric and environmental stewardship of the area.

The mission is translated into practice through four broad educational goals:

Our Four Goals:

  1. Opportunities for Lifelong Learning: Accessibility for all ages.
  2. Holistic education through art, gardening, woodworking, bushcraft and forest stewardship.
  3. Instill respect in the natural environment.
  4. Practice responsible, knowledgeable citizenship.

These goals are intended to reflect an ongoing process that happens over time as children, youth, adults and elders are given opportunities to grow and learn together.

The land on which we depend and care for is located on the unceded & unsurrendered territory of the Wəlastəkwiyik.