A Waldorf-Inspired School

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Imagine your child in a Waldorf School in Rural New Brunswick

Imagine your child in a Waldorf school nestled in a forested valley in South Knowlesville, New Brunswick, one of the best places in Canada to raise a child. Knowlesville is a pastoral community of farm and forests located between ridges of one of the ancient Appalachian Mountains known for its lush bio-diverse forests, four-season recreational opportunities and where people demonstrate a real sense of whole community.

The mission of the centre is to provide a space where the community can gather, learn, dream and explore creative projects that enrich the social fabric and environmental stewardship of the area.

One of only a few rural Waldorf schools in North America, the Knowlesville Nature School enjoys great support from the people of Knowlesville and is also attracting families from all over the world. Typically, these are people who have chosen to make a significant lifestyle change—leaving larger urban centres, slowing down, living more simply, and giving something very special to their children and to themselves.

The Knowlesville Art and Nature School is offering Waldorf education to children of the Carleton County area, introducing early childhood & primary education that touches the heart, head and spirit of the children to help them become fully caring citizens of the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our school initiative, please arrange a visit to our school. The Knowlesville Nature School will also continue to offer holistic continuing education for the adults of the community; these diverse and unique courses broaden our skill set on our life’s journey to fulfill our needs to achieve our greatest potential. Thank you for your kindness.

Sincerely Kassandra Murray, Knowlesville Waldorf Grade 1-4 teacher


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Why Waldorf Education

Researchers say each child learns differently; that teachers should use multiple methods to ensure each child understands. That’s why a balanced, holistic approach is so important. That’s also why, with 2500 schools and kindergartens around the globe, Waldorf education is one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world.

For 90 years, Waldorf schools have been leaders in providing students, from newborns to teenagers, with a truly holistic education. Every Waldorf student is seen as a unique human being developing physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and morally. From learning to tie their shoes to grappling with atomic theory, Waldorf students are taught in a socially responsible, intellectually engaging, and motivational manner.  The curriculum integrates subjects so that they build on each other in a meaningful and lively way.  Throughout the year, students will also experience weekly sessions in specialty subjects, such as French language, music, handwork, woodwork, and movement.

Parents choose Waldorf because of:

  • rigorous academics enlivened by fine and practical arts, languages, music & drama
  • excellent teacher-parent relations
  • emphasis on family and community values
  • a strong reputation for environmentalism and
  • expertise in child development